This is my Race

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتة

Peace be unto you and so may the Mercy of Allah and His blessings

A Mosque A Day.

A malay friend asked me how I came about this project for Ramadhan. I laughed. Not that it is a funny question but this website is like a mini quest for me.


You see, I’ve been in Singapore for only six months but I have learned more than in years. El HamdouliLah, I had the opportunity to travel a lot and I met many brothers and sisters from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore and so on. Today, I really realise how universal is the message of Islam and how strong its bonds are. The people I have met are so different from me, their culture and customs, their language and their society system are far from the french ones. Yet, I still feel at home when I enter a mosque, be it a chinese temple looking mosque in Melaka or a big mosque in Chiang Mai or even a small prayer room in Lake Toba. And here is where I found one of the greatest support in hardship.  When I had my whole bag stolen and I found myself lost in a country, without passport nor money, and I didn’t know a single word. My family was 10 000 km away but God put great uncles on my way to help me with this assessment.


“Indeed, with every hardship comes relief” (Sourat Ash-Sharh 95 _ ayah 5) and I want to believe that God with his Greatness, opened my eyes to this ni’ma  (His favour) of Oumma. Wherever you are, you have God, and to remember you of Him, you have brothers and sisters willing to help you and happy to meet you because you share the biggest aim of their life with them. You don’t know them, yet you are already so close to them.

And when a friend shared this video with me, I just decided to do something very meaningful this Ramadhan. I cancelled my flight back to Paris and I am going to experience it with YOU.

Here it is: this Ramadhan I decided to show how thankful I am to God and how grateful I am to the people I met and those I am to meet. I am focusing on this very symbolic place where we come all together, this magic place where a french and a chinese wish peace to each other when their looks meet for the first time.

In this adventure together with you, we will go to a different mosque in Singapore every night for tarawih prayers, insyaAllah (God’s will). In every mosque, we’ll take pictures and write short write ups about its life, the amazing people and the different cultures I can observe, compared to France.

Now I can’t wait for Ramadhan to start. Stay tuned !

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