Hajjah Fatimah was born in Malacca and married a Bugis prince. After his death, she became a businesswoman of great wealth. In the 1830s, while she was away from home, thieves burgled her house and set it on fire. To demonstrate her gratitude to divine providence for having spared her life, Hajjah Fatimah donated money and the land where her residence had stood to build a mosque that was eventually named after her.

Hajjah Fatimah Mosque was designed by an unknown British architect and built between 1845 and 1846 by French contractors supported by Malay labourers.  COCORICO ! This is one of a few ! Lucky you, it’s not often that France would build mosque 😉

After her death, Hajjah Fatimah was buried in a private enclosure behind the mosque, together with her only child Raja Siti and son-in-law Syed Abdul Rahman Alsagoff. The mosque was designated a national monument on 6 July 1973.




One great thing:

After praying a dozen raka’ates, the old sister next to me asks me whether I’m staying until the end. Then she tells me she is going back home, so I may want to move elsewhere. She kicked me out, AND THIS IS GREAT !

Why ?

Because I would have been alone. And because God in His Greatness made solat -prayer- a mean to strenghten the bounds between brothers and sisters.


The rows are an imitation of the heavenly scene !

“Jabir b. Samura reported: The Messenger of Allah SAWS came to us and said: How is it that I see you lifting your hands like the tails of headstrong horses? Be calm in prayer. He (the narrator) said: He then again came to us and saw us (sitting) in circles; he said: How is it that I see you in separate groups? He (the narrator) said: He again came to us and said: Why don’t you draw yourselves up in rows as angels do in the presence of their Lord? We said: Messenger of Allah, how do the angels draw themselves up in rows in the presence of their Lord? He (the Holy Prophet) said: They make the first rows complete and keep close together in the row.

Muslim Book 4, Number 864

Would you imagine Gibril asking Mickaeel to “shift a little bit” (what I have been asked in a past taraweeh !) and then moving to the extreme opposite to stay alone and leave Mickaeel alone ?

God makes us a huge favour by allowing and asking us to immitate the Angels in the very heavenly scene. And He offers us a great reminder and opportunity to strenghten our togetherness and brotherhood.


In that matter and to keep with the comparison with the heavenly scene:

Closing the ranks prevents disharmony and disunity among the Muslims:

Not only must worshipers stand in a row, but in a mosque it is considered most important to stand so close together that nothing can possibly pass between : “In prayer there should be no gaps in the ranks of the worshipers lest Satan come between.”
Al Nasai Volume 1 p.131


And I do think this is both a literal statement and a metaphoric way to say that disorder and disunion derives from uncompleted rows or “teeth rows” when there space concretely separates us:

Narrated Anas bin Malik (RA): The Prophet SAWS said, “Straighten your rows for I see you from behind my back.” Anas added, “Every one of us used to put his shoulder with the shoulder of his companion and his foot with the foot of his companion.”
Hadith No. 725, Book of Adhan, Sahih Bukhari

An-Numan bin Bashir (RA) said, “Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) used to straighten our rows, as if he was straightening an arrow, until he saw that we had learned it. Then he came out one day and was about to say Takbir when he noticed a man whose chest was sticking out from the row. He said: Slaves of Allah! Make your rows straight or Allah will cause discord among you.”
Hadith No. 979 (436), Book of As-Salat, Sahih Muslim



Let’s meet God TOGETHER, brothers and sisters 🙂

We answer we believe (Ameen) in the invocation of Surah el Fatihah as one voice

We meet God in prayer as one body
And inshaAllah we will overcome challenges and meet THE Goal as one Oummah



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