The first time I bumped into An-Nahdhah, I was rushing between two meetings. What was my surprise when I saw a ka’ba right in front of me, in the heartland of Singapore !




Apart from fulfilling its basic function as a centre for religious practices, the design encompasses and provides for the mosque to perform other pillars of the mosque’s activities – Religious Education, Family, Youth and Social Development and as a center for Information Services and Referrals.




In one word: HARMONY !

Just as a symbol of the Harmony center that the Mosque houses, a particularly simple but catchy design appears in every nook of En-Nahdhah.

Let’s be mindful of our surroundings 😉

Click on the pictures to skim through the gallery =)

Le sens du détail !           The eye for detail !



One great thing:
The Harmony Center !

The mosque complex houses MUIS’s Harmony Centre where visitors learn of the Muslim Community and Islam as practiced in multi-cultural Singapore as well as the main religion practiced in Singapore. Being the first of its kind in a Singapore mosque, the 2-storey Harmony Centre showcases exhibits, artifacts and information on Islamic civilisation and lifestyle.
This is a real museum inside the Mosque !

Its contemporary design serving the very noble aim of the place:

“Conceptually, the Mosque reflect the Muslim community’s support towards multi-racial intergration and coexistence with the community at large. Adopting an open and interactive approach, An-Nahdhah Mosque’s more non-traditional and domeless look is unique and blends well with the surroundings.”



3 thoughts on “AMOSQUEADAY #9: AN-NAHDHA

  1. May I suggest several smaller mosques like, Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique or Masjid Abdul Razak, or perhaps Masjid Holland (which will be closing soon, it is its last Ramadan). Great write ups! =)

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